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Evaluate Energy's Global Oil & Gas database is designed to provide you with critical data insights into the industry. With the latest asset and corporate valuations, M&A deals, corporate financials, operating data and refinery projects at your finger tips, it is used by some of the largest companies in the industry to track opportunities, market movements and their competitors. The software is comprehensive, up to date and simple to use and provides world class data at the click of a button, ready for simple export into models, excel or corporate presentations.

We provide coverage for leading publicly quoted Oil & Gas companies globally as well as hard to find data and estimates for NOCs and Privately held companies. Our market leading M&A database provides full analysis of all oil and gas deals, updated intraday, including expert assessments of deal metrics such as reserve value, $ per flowing barrel and deal rationale. We also provide a complete global Oil & Gas Assets database which provides coverage of upstream exploration blocks, fields and wells on a company basis or a country basis and provides production metrics, reserves and ownership information. Our country databases provide unique picture of oil and gas activities in every country of the world.


  • In-depth Financial & Operating Data with unique industry metrics for all important players
  • All in One Place access to all relevant data for a company or a group of companies.
  • Assets for every oil and gas company are tracked daily and are easily accesible.
  • Company Forecasts and broker consensus estimates for major operators, providing projects of future production, earnings and CAPEX.
  • News Archive that goes back over a decade for 100s of companies, searchable by category, topic or phrase.
  • Industry Estimates and hard to find data for the world's leading NOCs, bespoke, timely and unavailable elsewhere.
  • Company Deals, acquisitions and divestitures tracked worldwide with metrics provided for every deal.
  • Customizable build a custom report using any data in the system and have it automatically updated.

  • The Industry's Best Oil & Gas Benchmarking Tool for over 25 years
  • Like for like comparisons using hundreds of industry metrics for all the important players
  • Peer Group Comparison at the click of a button. Build a template and go.
  • Drill down on any figure and calcuation and see the underlying assumptions.
  • Build Bespoke Reports select the metrics important to you such as EBITDA, EBITDAX, F&D Costs, 1p/2p Reserves worldwide, by country or by region, reserves, net successful drilling activity, product sales and industry segmental data
  • Export to Word or Excel for use in management reports or presentations
  • Coverage of Oil & Gas Upstream Assets Worldwide
  • Filter Assets by Ownership, by Operator, by Share, by Farm-In, or filter those assets which are currently Onstream, recently discovered or currently under development
  • Filter Assets by Resource type: Onshore Conventional, Shallow Water, Deepwater, Shale Gas, CBM, Heavy Oil, Oil Sands, LNG, Pipelines or Refining.
  • See Historic Production & Reserves on an asset by asset basis
More Details...

  • Normalised Deal Analysis so you can see underlying deal values
  • Complete Coverage of every oil & gas acquisition and diverstiture
  • Industry Metrics provided for every deal for quick comparison
  • Updated Intra-Day so you can track deals as they happen
  • Deal Rationale by our analysts so you know why a deal is taking place and what it means to the market.
  • Reliable data, all our data links back to the original source so you can be sure of its accuracy
  • Trusted by some of the biggest names in the Industry for their analysis.
More Details..
  • Detailed Country Analysis is provided as standard
  • Oil & Gas Demand & Supply for every country worldwide
  • Companies Operating in each country in the upstream, downstream and midstream markets.
  • Track the assets of every company in every country. Compare production, reserves and drilling progress.
  • See the Deals occuring in each country by date and by company and find the average cost of acquiring reserves and production in real time.
  • Track Imports and Exports for Crude, Natural gas, Jet Fuel, Mogas, Kerosene, Middle Distillates and other refined products.
Unconventional Resources
  • Detailed State by State coverage for US Shale Gas
  • Oil Sands coverage for every single project & oil sands company
  • Production on a yearly and monthly basis by region, play or company
  • All Shale Deals worldwide are tracked in our M&A database
  • Detailed News for each Play, Region and Company in the sector and unique insight on Government regulation.
  • Detailed Drilling Production on a field by field basis
  • LNG Production import and export capacity for every country
  • Projects that are currently in operation and those which are yet to be completed
  • Regasification Capacities for every country and terminal
  • Detailed LNG News of every company in every country.
  • See the Deals occuring in each country by date and by company and find the average cost of acquiring reserves and production in real time.
  • Track Imports and Exports for Natural Gas
  • Oil & Gas Demand & Supply by country and region
  • Historic Oil & Gas prices by country and region
  • Refinery Projects & Capacities on a Company or Country basis for every refinery worldwide.
  • Opec member states current and historic output
  • Track Import & Export of natural gas, crude oil and refined petroleum products
  • Web-Based Software providing instant access wherever you are
  • Build custom reports so you receive exactly the data you need, with one click.
  • Complete Transparency to find out the source of any number and how it has been calculated
  • Integrate with your workflow by downloading data to Excel or Word
  • Dedicated Support from a personal account manager with full technical and analytical support.

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