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We deliver what our clients want - accurately, quickly and efficiently.
We believe you need the best, most accurate and timely data to make quality decisions, and you deserve a system that is transparent, easy-to-use, fast and flexible. And we know it's important to continuously improve our product in response to market feedback.

That's why we make continuing investment in great people, great content, great systems, and great functionality. Our product provides users with critical data insights into the industry. With the latest asset and corporate valuations,M&A deals, corporate financials, operating data and refinery projects at your finger tips, it is used by some of the largest companies in the industry to track opportunities, market movements and their competitors.

We offer several services - Evaluate Energy, an online service covering global oil and gas, and CanOils, an online service focusing on all oil and gas companies and their activities in Canada - including the oil sands. Both are subscription services supplied under licence and provide a wealth of data that have taken years to collect.

We also undertake bespoke consultancy work at client request.

Service Offerings
Financial & Operating Data
Global M&A Database
Assets Database
Refinery Database
Industry News Archive
Market Analysis
Web-based Software
Evaluate Energy employs a UK-based team of industry professionals who work with our clients to continuously enhance database content and to work on bespoke projects.

We continue to focus on rigorous data collection and quality control systems that ensure data integrity, timeliness and transparency. All information in the system is traceable to its original source.

Our clients include the world's leading oil and gas companies and their advisors.

Founded in 1988, Evaluate Energy employs a dedicated team of experienced oil & gas analysts in London, and has offices in Calgary, Canada. Click here to read client testimonials or to read our history

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